Invest in property

with purpose

Remember how exciting it was to buy your first home? You can help the next generation do it and look after your future at the same time. All without becoming a landlord.

How it works

It’s capital gain, without becoming a landlord.

You provide the 20% deposit for the property and the buyer is responsible for paying the mortgage, rates, insurance, day to day maintenance and any applicable body corporate fees.

When the property is sold, or the buyer chooses to buy you out after 5 years or more, you and your buyer share in any capital gain in the property 50/50.

It's as easy as one, two, three...

Connect with a buyer

Choose the type of property you want to invest in


Pay the 20% deposit

The buyer takes care of the other 80%


Share the profit

You and the buyer share the capital gains 50/50

Here's the process:

We find a buyer who wants to buy a similar property

The buyer finds a place for $600k that you like

You contribute $120k (20% deposit)

The buyer gets a mortgage of $480k (remaining 80%)

The buyer looks after servicing the property for 10 years

You both agree to sell the property for $1 million

The buyer repays the mortgage ($480k)

You're reimbursed your initial deposit ($120k)

You split the capital gains ($400k)

You walk away with an extra $200k in your hand.

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Still Want to know more?

Detailed Process

We've prepared a more in-depth explanation of the process for you, so you know exactly what to expect.

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