Buying a house?

Here's your guide

Find out how Levridge can help you buy your first home. There’s no eligibility criteria, other than being able to service the mortgage. Easy right?

The Details

30 year term

This is how long your mortgage is for. Any principal that you repay, you will get back upon sale.

You choose the property

Levridge works to find a property investor who is happy to buy your home with you.

You can use your Kiwisaver

Or any cash savings to reduce your mortgage and lower your repayments.

Pay more off your principal and profit

The more you pay off your mortgage, the more you’ll have when you sell. Or it can help you buy out your property investor.

The property is in your name

And the mortgage too. The Co-Ownership Agreement between you and your property investor will protect both of you.

Full support from Levridge

Buying your first home can be a scary business. But we’re here to hold your hand when you need it. And high five you on settlement day.

Minimum 5 year partnership

After that, you can sell the property, buy out your property investor or continue the partnership indefinitely.

The full Process

1. Getting a PROPERTY Investor

  • Apply online. Tell us a bit about yourself and what type of property you’d like to buy.
  • We match you with a property investor who’s interested in the same type of property.
  • We help you apply for a mortgage pre-approval so you know exactly how much you can spend on a home.
  • We send your profile to the potential investor (you get to approve this profile before it’s sent).
  • The investor can choose whether to meet you before they invest (it’s a good idea to meet them if they want to).
  • Great! You have a match.
  • You sign an “intent to proceed” and pay a $500 deposit, which Levridge holds till you buy your home. Your investor does this too.
  • Now you’re ready to start hitting those open homes.

2. Buying the home

  • You’ve found ‘the one’.
  • You share the home you want with us at Levridge.
  • We check the property meets the property investor’s expectations.
  • We set you up with a Sale and Purchase Agreement. This is conditional upon finance, due diligence, Solicitors approval, LIM, building and weather tightness report and registered valuation. The costs will be shared 50/50 with your property investor.
  • You and the property investor are both happy with the paperwork.
  • You enter into a Co-Ownership Agreement with your property investor.
  • The property investor will then pay the deposit (10% of the property’s value).
  • You agree on a settlement date (usually four weeks later).
  • At settlement, your property investor pays the rest of the deposit (they’ve now paid a total of 20% of the property value).
  • The property is now in your name and you have a mortgage with your bank.
  • You move into your home sweet home
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