First Home Buyer


It's possible to buy your first home. You don't need a deposit and you only have to make repayments on 80% of the purchase price. Levridge can introduce you to property investors who want to help you onto that elusive property ladder.

Upcoming Events

Come along to one of our upcoming events to find out more. If there are no upcoming events in your area contact us directly for more information.

Please check back soon for more buyer events.

Still Want to know more?

Detailed Process

A detailed buying process for you, so you can know exactly what to expect.

More Details
Buyer FAQs & risks

Got questions? We've got answers. Find the answers to frequently asked questions here.

Buyer FAQs & risks
Buyer Case study

Follow Kate and Jonah through their journey of purchasing their first home with Levridge.

Buyer Case Study

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